Thursday, January 16, 2014

More than Tig Ol' Bitties

For the longest time I never understood what it meant to objectify women. That or I was too busy staring at one to care. A woman is a woman. I didn't understand all this abstract nonsense about sexual objects and distorted media images that these prude feminists were trying to convince me of. In my world, it was called Photoshop and eye candy. It didn't bother me knowing the pictures were manipulated or unrealistically touched up. I was still going to stare at hot women, I was still going to like it and I was most likely going to jerk off to it later.

It's not that I didn't care, at least not completely. It was mostly ignorance. Staring at women was so natural, how could it be wrong. It was innocent was it not? What could be wrong with prolonged appreciation of a beautiful girl. I didn't understand the more that I ogled those oh so wonderful yoga pants and wandered those cavernous cleavages, the more I began to realize that maybe I was looking at women as objects of desire. They were no longer human beings like men. They were tits and ass.

It is so hard for women to get ahead. You ask people what they think about John Mayer and you will either hear how his velvety smooth voice melts hearts or he just plain sucks. Most likely the former. Either way, anyone who knows John Mayer is a musical artist will respond accordingly by stating their take on his musical talent. That is, they focus on how well he sings. If you ask the same people what they think about Beyonce, you will likely hear how nice her rack looks while her mouth moves. It impossible, even for people like Beyonce, to escape the sexualization that follows them throughout their career. Oh, Sarah Palin wants to run for governor? I'd fuck her. Our sexual thoughts are so distracting we forget how much of a dumbass Sarah Palin actually is and we attribute her self-worth in terms of her rating on the hotness scale. For someone who is behind like Sarah Palin, viewing her as a sexual objects might actually benefit her and help her achieve her goals. However, for women like Beyonce who are trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry based on vocal talent, the glass ceiling is very real. She can only climb so high up the ladder of recognition when the attention is diverted from how well she sings to what dress she is wearing or how much skin she is showing or how ugly she looks in this picture. 

What is the lesson? It's not so wrong to appreciate beauty for what it is. Women are beautiful. But when we take away from their human traits and talents because we focus our attention on their physical bodies, that is where the line should be drawn. I love to sneak the occasional peak as much as the next guy, after all, we are biologically developed to seek birthing hips and supple breasts to feed our children but a peak is all it should be. Stare too long and we forget to realize what we are staring at is someones daughter, a man's future wife, a real human being with feelings, thoughts, and attributes far more important than the size of their breasts.

Don't stare at boobs for so long. Jesus will hurl a lightning bolt and make you sexually impotent.

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