About Me

This picture was taken the moment I no longer cared how stupid I looked.

About Me aims to describe who I am from physical appearances, to personality, to past history. It's impossible to claim I am any one thing but I hope this page captures the essence of me so you can put a person behind the writing. 

By birth my name is Daniel Ahn. 

I stand 5'11 weighing 175 lbs. 

I have a big forehead and equally large, buggy eyes, two thick eyebrows, a nose described as the house of the character Squidward Tentacles from the show Spongebob Squarepants, above average muscular density for a Korean-American, and size 10 shoes. 

I cry, a lot. People call me soft but I just have sensitive tear ducts.

I like to wear extroverts clothing but nothing beats the freedom of being a naked introvert, it all really depends on my mood. 

I may act normal but if you are new to me and we are alone in a secluded location with my back turned to you, half the time I am wondering if you are going to stab or strangle me from behind. 

I try to be practical and not let emotions get in the way of my decision making and thought process. 

The above two statements contradict each other. I am full of contradictions.

I have a fascination with people and the world we live in.

There was a time when I was pure evil. I once threatened to anally spear a classmate with his own recorder because he had a stutter. Hearing the class laugh gave me pure joy. 

I showered at most once a week until the 7th grade when I realized my body was emitting a putrid onion smell. 

I saw a UFO freshman year during finals. There were 3 green orbs in the sky in a triangle formation and shot across the sky and disappeared in an instant. I'm not saying I saw aliens, I'm just saying it was a flying object and that it was unidentified.  

I used to suffer from excessive masturbation, eczema, painful loneliness, self-diagnosed depression, and social awkwardness. Now I just suffer from a sweet tooth, a deviated septum, being extremely average, and temptations of every kind.

I finally understood what it meant to carry my Cross and follow Christ two months into my first breakup when I realized how despicable and unworthy I really was. I finally knew what love meant and that there was nothing greater than it. It became my responsibility and hope to share it with anyone and everyone. 

God is Love. 

E-mail: dahnon@gmail.com

If you had any questions, concerns, suggestions, thoughts, hate, encouragements, or all of the above, feel free to drop an e-mail.

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