Friday, January 31, 2014

Why we Love to be Couch Potatoes

Nothing beats lounging back on a couch with favorite junk food and beverage in hand watching reruns of Friends. It's been a couple hours into your slothful marathon but not quite enough to awaken the voice inside your head that insist you do something productive. Lazy hangover (n): the couple hours that follow doing nothing for extended periods of time resulting in emotions of intense shame. We all know the feeling. While we may question our self-worth in our lazy hangovers and claim we will never sloth more than x hours ever again, we all know in the back of our heads that is a complete lie. Just as your college roommate claim they will never drink again after that night, it is universal knowledge that change is hard.

Sir Isaac Newton certainly discovered this principle with physical objects. Newton's First Law states that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. Just as the apple that fell from a tree sparked Newton's epiphany, the greasy Lay's potato chip that fell from the bag into my mouth sparked my own epiphany. Newton's First Law did not just apply only to inanimate objects, it was just as applicable to people.

As I lay there covered with crumbs in my moment of ingenuity I suddenly understood why it was so hard to get out of bed in the morning and off that black hole of a couch. I started to look bigger picture and noticed a big problem in my life was that I felt like I wasn't doing enough, I felt comfortable. Even though I went out on runs I never ran more then the day before. I did what I was comfortable with never pushing myself beyond the limits of what I could already do. While I had certainly created the illusion that I was an object in motion by running, I was definitely an object at rest.

It is certainly a hard concept to grasp, how could I be at rest when I was clearly moving. However, in order for an object at rest to become an object in motion there needs to be change. I couldn't run the same amount as I ran the day before, lift the same weights I lifted yesterday, make the same stupid jokes, keep dragging myself out of bed hating work, or keep doing the same things day in and day out. As most things are, change is easier said then done. In fact, it is one of the hardest things to do. But once you overcome the initial static friction and push yourself into motion, it's just physics from there. Just remember every time your body is telling you to stop, go a little more.

People never change. What that phrase really means is that people don't want to change. It is natural to want to be comfortable. But when you begin to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, then that is when you will start to see change. All it takes is a little push and some physics.

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  1. This is very inspiring and true~ I like this post a lot.
    I especially like the Newton's First Law reference as I never thought of it in that way before


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