Friday, January 24, 2014

Anonymous said...
You have nice points. But why should we take on christian values of not judging when we don't wish to be a Christian? I will be following your posts because it's interesting.

Dear friend. Thank for you appreciating my post even though it seems you are not a Christian. It is encouraging to see you are asking challenging questions expressing at least an interest to understand us more. Not many people give us that opportunity and feel blessed you trust me with such a hard topic. You have provided a very general question so I have to provide a simple answer otherwise risk myself spewing on and on about the topic. For now, I will give you what I can.

First off, let me address the issue of following Christian ideals without being a Christian. I'm sure your values include no murdering, cheating, lying or stealing as does most of society to some degree. Already you are practicing and believing Christian values. Does this make you a Christian? Not necessarily. 

Second let's address the question on why not to judge. In the very basic definition of the word, judge means to form an opinion about. But what if you are wrong! The lowest level of judging would result in gossip or mean looks. However it does not stop there. It can quickly escalate to discrimination because we judge a sexual offender to be a vile creature. We do not give a second chance to the same innocent 18 year old who was browsing porn on the internet and charged as a registered sexual offender. Is it likely all sexual offenders are this innocent? Probably not, but it is certainly easier to judge them all as vile for efficiency's sake. Now imagine you were that 18 year old. 

It is hard to relate to such an extreme case, but at some point in our lives we are put into a situation where we are discriminated against because people judge us based on who we were labeled as. One thing I guarantee you can relate to is when you were a child. How many times did you hear, oh no you are too young for that. No you can't drive a car because you are 17 instead of 18. We are judged to all be the same category of incompetent children simply because of the misuse of the label. 

Again you have asked a very short question without much detail so I don't want to answer more than you have given me, but I hope I have provided the answers you are looking for. I hope you can e-mail or comment if you needed further clarification or had any more questions:

All the best,

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