Friday, January 24, 2014

Lust: For Work
Your self-worth is not built on being a 'good' blogger. Stop worrying about answering every question perfectly and consistently making life-changing posts. God is not concerned about you glorifying him perfectly without mistake so long as you do it earnestly and for Him. You have friends around you that care about you and do not neglect them because of your work. Don't forget birthdays or rush lunches because you have a post you want to work on. Balance is key and while blogging is work for God it will not be perfect like anything else. Don't feel pressured to answer comments or be distracted by a bad post to the point where it affects your daily life. Blogging is work. Make sure to manage your friends, health, personal interests, and work all equally. There are many ways to glorify God, blogging is only one of them. 

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