Friday, January 17, 2014

I had some wisdom dropped on me earlier today by Dr. Douglas Gates, my chiropractor, while he was snapping my neck in place. All this back cracking made me curious if the myth of cracking knuckles really led to arthritis and found it did not. Myth busted. However, he went on the explain that we secrete a fluid and sandy substance to protect our joints and when pressure is applied it results in the popping sound we all hear. Naturally all this talk about secretion branched off into the topic of how our body adapts to protect itself. We forget negative symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and fevers are all ways in which our body defends itself against foreign bacteria and infections.

I tried to relate this to other parts of my life and realized that there are many times in which situations we consider an inconvenience are really pointing to a deeper problem. These negative symptoms are just signs saying "Hey! Watch out!" Things like fire detectors seem pointless and annoying when they go off when we are cooking dinner but can be life saving in the case of real danger. Oversleeping may be a symptom pointing to depression. A nagging mother is a sign of frustration and that maybe picking up those clothes off the floor will stop the inconvenience. 

I even appreciate crying because it reminds me I am a human being and I am allowed to feel. Perhaps I express my emotions in a more obnoxious way with tears dripping down my chin but I feel grateful to feel something as powerful as sadness, hurt, or happiness and crying shows me just that. So thanks 104 degree fever and explosive diarrhea. I appreciate you taking care of my body.

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