Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I've been feeling pretty encouraged lately and thought I would start a new kind of post that future me can use when the times get tough and I am not seeing so clearly. I'll try to categorize them all as the seven deadly sins for now for organization's sake and make sub-categories as I go. 

Wrath/Pride: Feeling Offended
Stop being so sensitive and taking offense to critics. You are probably feeling threatened because you might be wrong. Take a step back and analyze what kind of shit is being thrown at you whether it is bullshit or good shit. While the other person may be completely wrong about you, it is only because of a misunderstanding and at the very least the criticism shows they care enough to let you know what they think. 

Sloth: Feeling lazy
Get off your ass you entitled, spoiled little brat. People out there don't have the luxury to enjoy free time because they are busy working minute by minute, tooth and nail to scrap up enough cash to afford a few grains of rice so they don't die of starvation. Find something to do, whether its picking up a book, helping a friend, making money, or exercising, use your time wisely.  

Lust is a feeling of intense desire in the body. Most of the times we mean physical lust but the lust for wealth, knowledge, intimacy, power, and everything else is just as dangerous. There will be times you will be overcome with intense emotions but remember that discipline is the pillar that will keep your emotions in balance. Keep a safety net by creating emotional and logical triggers in your brain that go off in certain situation that you know may initiate an over the top emotional response. Know when to avoid the situation or when you are disciplined enough to be in control. Don't let your emotions govern your actions. If the hulk can do it so can you.  

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